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How much is my RSI claim worth?
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Suffering pain in your hand or joints around your hand or wrist? Do you also have job which is repetitive? If you are suffering from a repetitive hand strain and if you’re unable work because of your RSI then our solicitors will be able to help you win compensation.

Our solicitors will help you make a no fee claim for your RSI. Speak to one of our claim advisors free on 0800 1223130 or complete one of our claim forms so we can call you back.

Repetitive Hand Strain

There are several forms of RSI that can affect the hand. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is a form of RSI that occurs when tendons in the hand swell and become inflamed. This happens when the same group of muscles are used repetitively over a period of time resulting in a painful condition which can occur in one or both of the hands.

Another form of RSI which commonly affects the hands is writer’s cramp. Writers and typists are susceptible to developing this condition, which typically starts with an abnormally tight grip whilst writing. Sufferers will eventually find writing or typing increasing difficult and might go on to suffer excessive muscle spasms, which may lead to abduction of the arm. The condition is caused by the repeated hand motions associated with writing and typing.

Dupuytren’s disease is a form of RSI which can also affect the hands. The condition refers to the abnormal thickening of tissue present beneath the skin in the palm of the hand. It can develop in one or both hands and recent studies have suggested that the condition can be related to manual work or the use of vibrating tools. Ultimately the thickened skin and tendons (palmar fascia) could limit movement in the hands or cause the fingers to bend so much that they can no longer be straightened.

What can I do about it?

If you experiencing pain in your hands and think that it could be a form of RSI, you should visit your GP without delay. The GP will probably be able to diagnose if it is RSI fairly easily, and will sometimes use an X-ray or ultrasound to help them diagnose the condition. If you are diagnosed with RSI you will need to speak to your employer about limiting the number of tasks you are required to work on which may make your RSI worse.

Legally, if you are suffering with RSI as a result of your job you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. If you’d like to speak with a member of our experienced team, please call 0800 028 2060. Alternatively you can request a call back at a time convenient for you here.

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Claiming For Repetitive Strain Injuries

Suffering with RSI?

If you are suffering with RSI as a result of your job, you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Find out more about making a claim for RSI by viewing our video.