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How much is my RSI claim worth?
How much compensation for repetitive strain injury

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Do you suffer from pain in your wrist and have a repetitive job? If you suspect that your repetitive stain injury is work related, you maybe able to claim compensation from your employer’s insurance company.

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What is RSI of the elbow?

Elbow pain from using the computer and in particular the computer mouse can be signs of RSI.

Tennis elbow is a common cause of elbow and arm pain in computer users. The problem lies in the tendon, which connects to the bone on the outside of the elbow. Pain can sometimes also be felt in the muscle on the outer side of the forearm.

The muscles and tendons in the elbow are at risk of tennis elbow when they are over stretched or held in a tense position for an extended period of time, such as when carrying out repetitive tasks. Golfer’s elbow is a very similar condition which refers to pain in the tendon connecting to the inner side of the elbow.

What can I do about it?

Both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow can be easily diagnosed by your doctor, who may carry out an X-ray or ultra-sound to assist with diagnosis.

The most important thing to aid your recovery is rest. It is wise to avoid gripping, screwing or unscrewing items and lifting heavy objects. It may also be helpful to visit a physiotherapist, who will massage the forearm and sometimes give steroid injections. Tennis elbow straps are also available, which fasten around the forearm 1 to 2 inches below the below. These work by reducing the distance that your forearm extensor muscle contracts, thereby limiting any further stretching of the affected tendons and minimising pain.

Legally, if you are suffering with RSI as a result of your work you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. If you’d like more information speak to our claims team by completing one of our claim forms or call 0800 028 2060 to speak to a member of our experienced team. Alternatively you can request a call back at a time convenient for you here.

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Claiming For Repetitive Strain Injuries

Suffering with RSI?

If you are suffering with RSI as a result of your job, you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Find out more about making a claim for RSI by viewing our video.