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How much is my RSI claim worth?
How much compensation for repetitive strain injury

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Do you suffer from pain in your wrist and have a repetitive job? Then your repetitive strain injury could be work related. If it is you maybe entitle to compensation from your employer’s insurance company.

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RSI in Your Wrist

While most people associate repetitive strain injury with prolonged use of the computer, especially the mouse, the truth is people in many different occupations are susceptible to this painful, debilitating condition. A variant of RSI of the wrist, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, affects anaesthetists, gardeners and professional athletes, to name just a few. The condition strikes when the same group of muscles are used repetitively over a period of time. Eventually, the connective tissue surrounding the nerves and blood vessels becomes contracted, causing pain and loss of function. The condition means you can’t leave the pain and dysfunction behind when you go home from work, and you may find yourself unable to care for your family or enjoy your normal routine.

What can I do about it?

If you experiencing pain in your wrist and think that it could be RSI, it is important to visit your GP without delay. They should be able to diagnose RSI fairly easily and will sometimes use an X-ray or ultrasound to help them diagnose the condition. If your GP concludes that you are suffering with RSI you will need to speak to your employer about limiting the number of tasks you are doing which put pressure on the wrist. Work is not supposed to hurt; your employer has a legal obligation to protect their staff from harm. If any of the following circumstances apply, you may have grounds for seeking compensation for medical costs (both now and in the future), loss of earnings and the pain and suffering the condition has caused you:

  • Your employer knew your job made you susceptible to RSI.
  • Your employer failed to inform you of the risk or to take reasonable precautions against you developing RSI.
  • Your RSI was caused by the tasks that you are required to perform at work.

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Claiming For Repetitive Strain Injuries

Suffering with RSI?

If you are suffering with RSI in the wrist as a result of your job, you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Find out more about making a claim for RSI in the wrist by seeing our video to the right.